Walking Routes

Town's Park

Located on the west slope of the castle walls and of Óbidos’ town, both classified as National Monuments, it is the central platform of the Municipal´s Route Network. It is also where the main points of this network (Town of Óbidos, Parishes, Lagoon, Beaches) are connected by central axes – Ecovias (Arnóia, Lagoon, Alvito, Amoreira, Estrada Real, Rio Real).
Due to its unique fauna, flora, geomorphological and heritage features and to a number of offers along its extensive area – routes, picnic areas, sports field, contemplation / relaxation areas, hunting zone, old Church of S. João do Mocharrro, among others – it is a perfect place for leisure, recreational or sports activities, to be practiced whether individually, in group or with your family.

PR1 (see the route) – Forest Circuit: Starting / Ending point at the eastern entrance, it develops through the middle / upper part of the Park, along the vast forest spot, where pine trees predominate, passes through picnic, contemplation / relaxation areas, hunting zone, follows part of the Sports Circuit and goes back up to the starting point, passing by Cruzeiro da Memória (Memorial Cross).

Distance: 1.85kms, Altimetry: + 70mts, Difficulty: level II– Easy, Time: +/- 40mnts
starting / ending point – 39 ° 21’25.7 “N 9 ° 09’33.5” W

See the route (link)

PR1.1 (see the route)

Sports Circuit: Starting/Ending point next to the Sports Field, it develops through the middle/lower
part of the Park, with superb views of the castle walls, passes through a Picnic Park, contemplation / relaxation areas, follows part of the Forest Circuit and returns, down, to the starting point.

Distance: 1.6kms, Altimetry: + 61mts, Difficulty: level II– Easy, Time: +/- 30mnts
Starting /ending point: 39 ° 21’34.1 “N 9 ° 09’42.4” W

See the route (link)

Puddles' Route

This route has its starting and ending point next to the headquarters of the Parish Council. Going down the village, through the main road, we pass an old small wash-house / fountain, now an area for leisure. Further below, we find the Church of Nossa Sra. da Piedade (Our Lady of Piety), descending afterwards towards the secular public wash-house. We then walk into the dirt paths of the shallow zones, where the Lagoon of Óbidos once reached, now used as floodplains for hortifloriculture and fruit growing. We continue, following the river (Rio Real) until it meets the Arnóia River, next to the old aerodrome, and then go around part of the Poça da Cativa (Pequena), and up the hills above, in the Coelheira area, where we will have superb views over the extensive floodplains surrounding the Poças (Puddles). Descending, we will once again go around Poça da Cativa, then enter the majestic Poça do Vau, which we will follow until we climb back up to the village, with outstanding views over the Poça, the floodplains and the Lagoon. Along this route, it is possible to admire the flora and the immense fauna, with special emphasis on the countless (and rare) species of birds that breed and live in the Poças, considered one of the best places in Europe for bird watching.

PR5 (see the route) – links to Ecovia of Rio Real, Ecovia of Arnóia and Ecovia of the Lagoon
Distance: 9kms (4,1kms – short version)

Altimetry: +154 mts (+ 66mts)
Difficulty: level II (I) easy (very easy)
Time: +/- 3h (1h)
Starting / Ending point – coordinates: 39 ° 22’00.7 “N 9 ° 13’02.3” W

9kms Route (link)
4,1 kms Route (link)

Sports Complex Circuit

PR2 (see the route) – Small route, 1.4 km long, starting/ending point next to the Municipal Pavilion. Develops through Bairro dos Arcos, follows a section of the Usseira Aqueduct (classified as a Public Interest Monument), continues along the Arcos School and Municipal Sports Complexes. This circuit is suitable for physical activity / maintenance,  preferably if done repetitively.

PR2 (see the route) – links to Panoramic Circuit, Aqueduct Trail
Distance: 1.4kms
Altimetry: 20 mts
Difficulty: level I – very easy
Time: 15 / 20 mnts
Starting / Ending point – coordinates: 39 ° 21’07.5 “N 9 ° 09’29.6” W

See the Route (link)


– Stay on the tracks, according to the directions

– Do not destroy or modify any signpost

– Avoid noises and attitudes that may disturb the environment

– Do not collect / damage plants or disturb animals

– Do not leave garbage and / or any type of waste

– Respect the hygiene and safety rules

– Do not build a fire

– Respect private property and local communities


– Do not walk alone, bring company or inform someone of the route you are about to go on

– Check the difficulty and time needed to fulfill the route

– Make sure you are in good physical condition to perform the activity

– Bring some food and extra water

– Wear appropriate clothing, shoes and carry protection (hat, sunscreen, repellent …)

– Do not take any risk. Whenever possible, carry a cell phone fully charged

– “Leave only footprints, gather experiences and take memories”

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