Using the Óbidos Voucher Card:
– The voucher can be used in all participating establishments.
– The voucher is only valid for purchases with a minimum value of €30.00.
– Only 1 voucher per purchase is allowed.
– This voucher, inserted in the new campaign, is valid until August 15, 2020
– This voucher cannot be used to pay for tobacco or games of chance.
– Vouchers only available to residents of Portugal.

Vouchers Campaign

The Óbidos Voucher Card gives visitors 15 euros to use in the many hotels, restaurants, entertainment activities and shops in Óbidos. Visit us until August 15th and benefit from this offer. Just sign up her and we’ll send you a card!

Óbidos welcomes you!

* personal data will only be used for the purpose of sending this voucher.

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